Baloy Sigsmund


Master of the Order___Baloy Sigsmund__(Rhys):
Human Paladin/Leader
choose an associated skill to gain +2.
Add a skill associated with your background to class skill list.
Gain a mastery of a language associated with your background.

Geography-Urban (History, Streetwise)
-The capitol of a powerful kingdom.
-I stayed mostly with the upper walls, only going out on hunting trips
and touring trips.
-I consider myself no longer a part of their society as I took a path
that was seen as unfavourable by my Family.

Society-Noble (Diplomacy or Insight)
-my family has considerable wealth and power.
-I no longer have the right to inherit my title
-Although only my father’s disapproval stands between me and it.
-One trip to an outlying village I saw the aftermath of its
destruction at the hands of outlandish fiends. This was when I
chose to walk the path of the paladin as protect those who are
unable to protect themselves. I aspired to build a Guild house
in the North, to defend the Towns and villages there.

Birth-Omen (Arcana or History)
-My birth was marked by a rising red sun on a rare holy day, within
the corresponding church for the holy day.
-Some think it means I am to end the Religion, or are a new prophet.
-There was another born under the same circumstances, 100 years before.
-Not much information is about him. (good or evil?)

Occupation-Military (Athletics, endurance)
-Goal to be selected for the Royal guard
-Still only in training
-I left before my training was complete to go adventuring.

Baloy Sigsmund

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