Emeal Undynne


Master of the Relics__Miandrus Stargaze__(James):
Eladrin Wizard or Invoker/Control
choose an associated skill to gain +2.
Add a skill associated with your background to class skill list.
Gain a mastery of a language associated with your background.

Geography-Desert (Endurance, Nature)
-You and you family survived the desert living in ancient protected
-You are glad to be no longer in the desert, by the wilderness isn’t much
-Urban environments are strange. meditation helps.

Society- Wealthy (History)
-Source of wealth was selling the magical products your family produced
-Obtained legitimately…mostly.
_you have not known hunger or desperation.

Birth- Prophecy (History, religion)
-When you come of age you are to journey. This journey will be either
devastating for the world, or save it.
-You left your home to follow it.

Occupation-Artisan (Athletics, diplomacy)
-craftsman of magical objects.
-you helped you family make fine enchanted household items.
-You found you wanted more complex enchantments and items to create.
-Your finest item you have created is the wand/staff you wield now.

Emeal Undynne

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