Master of the Watch____(Kurt): Goliath Fighter or Warden/Defender
choose an associated skill to gain +2.
Add a skill associated with your background to class skill list.
Gain a mastery of a language associated with your background.

Geography-Mountains (Athletics, dungeoneering)
-Only went to the low grounds at part of your trial of manhood.
-You have left the mountains to journey to complete your trial.

Society- Nomadic (nature)
-Grew up in a hunter gather society.
-It was a successful tribe, you rarely went hungry.
-You were part of the hunter groups.

Birth- Blessed (Insight, religion)
-By the tribal shaman.
-you are a member of the tribes religion
-You stay in contact with the tribes religion through sprit walks.
-The blessing has given you purpose and this trial to complete.

Occupation-Military (Athletics, endurance)
-A tribal Hunter.
-You were a Green ear (Jr. hunter/recruit).
-You are still one, upon completion of your trial you will be a full hunter.


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