Master of the Arsenal__Maine__(Priecy): Dwarf Barbarian/Striker
choose an associated skill to gain +2.
Add a skill associated with your background to class skill list.
Gain a mastery of a language associated with your background.

Geography-Mountains (Athletics, dungeenerring)
-Very rarely you left the mountains, only to go trade with the strange
-Vengeance and hatred has caused you to leave you home.

Society-Wealthy (History)
-You and your clan took what you wanted when u needed it.
-often through slaughter.
-you lived in your ancient lands, and guarded them fiercely.
-You do know the feeling of hunger and desperation however.

Birth- Cursed (Bluff, religion).
-An enemy of your clan cursed you and your kin.
-You shall live and die in violence. Alone.
-You have not seen this enemy since…but if you do…
-You and you kin have since been shunned by others.
-You revile in the curses terrible meanings. only if to spread word
of your planned retribution.

Occupation- Military (athletics, Endurance)
-You grew up in a warrior society.
-You are still part of that clan, and you still fight for their name.


Order of the Valiant WaldoMan