Mira Forrestborn


Master of the Rites____(Tessa): Half-Elf Cleric
choose an associated skill to gain +2.
Add a skill associated with your background to class skill list.
Gain a mastery of a language associated with your background.

Geography-Forest (Nature, perception)
-You family lived and foraged in the forest nearby a small town.
-You feel at peace with in the forest.

Society-nomadic (Nature)
-You lived from the forest and traded with the nearby towns.
-It was a comfortable existence.

Birth-Among another race (a skill the Elves gains a bonus to)
-You grew up amounts your blood relative elves.
-Along with you Human parent, a follower of Pelor.

Occupation-Entertainer (Bluff, history)
-You where a minister for a small church.
-You worked with your parents, ministering for the wood elves and the nearby village.
-you were well known in you local area.
-You still encounter admirers.

Mira Forrestborn

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